What is “March21” Mercury Recovery Equipment?

Introduction of the complete system of Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Plant

Specifications: form: externally heated rotary kiln, heating type: indirect heating, fuel: LPG, dimensions: width 3500 x length 9000 x height 5500
Features: processing ability: 250kg/hr, processing system: dry type (no water treatment necessary), mercury processing temperature: 270℃ to 300℃, mercury processing ability: landfill standard leaching test result: less than 0.005mg

“March21” fluorescent recycling plant

About the advantages of the “March21” fluorescent lamp recycling plant equipment

1.  It is a recycling system dedicated to turning mercury into steam at a low temperature and recovering it. The boiling point of mercury is approximately 356.7℃, and high-temperature equipment of over 700℃ is normally required to convert mercury into steam and recover it. However, our new technology can turn mercury into steam at lower temperatures between 250℃ and 300℃. Furthermore, indirectly applying heated air to the rotary kiln can keep glass, aluminum and plastic substances from melting and sticking together, which can prevent the process from generating dioxin.

2.  Because it is dry-type equipment that requires no water treatment, except for the equipment per se, construction costs can be minimized.

3.  Because pre-crushed fluorescent lamps are put into the system after the crushing stage, not only uncrushed lamps but also crushed ones can be processed. The equipment is capable of processing all kinds of fluorescent lamps, including straight-tube, circular and bulb types, mercury lamps, and other special types.

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